St Lucie, Florida

Typical Day


Have you been looking for a fully Catholic program for an alternative to Classical Conversations?

Catholic Schoolhouse is a program for your whole family. Cohesive subjects following the liturgical year with fellowship and community.

2021-2022 is Tour 2 of a three year cycle for Catholic Schoolhouse. Tour 2 has an overall focus of Ancient History beginning with Creation and moving through 1500 AD. This theme is followed through Pre- Grammar, Grammar, Dialectic and Rhetoric levels.

We have children of all ages attending our program each year. We currently meet on Mondays, 9am to 12:30pm and are planning Mondays for 2021/2022. Here is a sample schedule of what your child will experience after joining our program.

Typical Schedule for Grammar (Elementary) Students

 9:10 -9:30Prayer & Pledge of Allegiance, Chorus
9:30 -10:30Academics in Individual Classes
10:30 – 11:00Art
11:00 – 11:30Hands – On Science
11:30 – 12:30Academics, Student Presentations
12:30pmClosing Prayer and Announcements

Subjects for each year and stage coordinate with the Tour Guide to unite the family in studies. Subjects for memory work (Academics) include, Latin, Math, Geography, History, Timeline, Science, Language Arts, Religion, Fine arts.

We meet once a week for three and a half hours. Our 24 week school year is divided into four, 6 week quarters. Typically three weeks on, and one week off for group field trip.

Upper level  2021-2022 (Dialectic Students) Middle Schoolers

Dialectic (13-15)

9:15– Latin

9:30 –10:30 – Humanities (the humanities are interwoven creating a cohesive whole in learning. They include, composition, literature, grammar, geography, history and religion)

10:30 – 11:30 –Fine Arts weekly rotation with Science Labs

11:30– 12:00 – Socratic discussions

12:00-12:30 – Humanities Cont.

12:30pm – Closing Prayer & Announcements

Enrollment 2021-2022, Tour 2. Contact: or 561-345-5496 for information.

Our journey of discovery of the true, good, and beautiful continues at the dialectic level.  Subjects are integrated and presented cohesively. At this level, students will read original documents and develop their own ideas, guided in the expression of these ideas.

Our focus at Catholic Schoolhouse will be those tasks that are best accomplished in a group and which the group environment can bring an added level of inspiration and value.